Amanda is a professor of Child Development at the Hunter College School of Education. 

Amanda has provided professional development on creating Growth Mindset practices and classrooms for early childhood, elementary, middle and high school teachers across New York City. 

She led the New York City Node of the national Student Agency Improvement community for three years and supported the New York City Department Education’s Academic and Personal Behaviors Institute. 

Amanda Crowel, PhD

It is in early childhood and and elementary school that children learn their beliefs about the world they live in-- including their beliefs about their own place in the world. One such belief—a child’s belief about intelligence—is known to have far reaching consequences for the child’s academic success and self esteem.  

Students who believe that intelligence is fixed at birth and can’t really be changed have a hard time persisting in the face of challenges. 

Students who believe that intelligence is something that grows over time with effort, on the other hand, see challenges as opportunities to get better, faster, and stronger. 

The ground work for these beliefs are built in childhood and so it is our preschool and elementary school teachers who are the front line on creating a new generation of children who welcome challenge and value hard work. 

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